Rug Doctor

Rug Doctor are the “Which?” award winning market leader in deep carpet cleaning, with a presence in over 300 UK high street retail locations with their carpet cleaning rental proposition.

Our role was to help Rug Doctor to develop and launch a range of in aisle carpet cleaning products.

Kuldip Dosanjh, Rug Doctor’s President & Managing Director of Europe & Middle East Africa, had this to say about his experience of working with us

Paul is a very professional and likable individual with enormous skills in opening doors and understanding retailer needs.  He can do this in such a way that he will scope an agenda that entices both parties towards win/win.  

Paul not only opens doors – though his ability to network and connect is amazing – but provides professional summaries and action plans that help build a ‘workable’ strategy. 

At Rug Doctor, he helped generate a conversation with ideas around what it would take to breakthrough with our new range of products.  He helped shape our ‘go-to-market’ proposition that had improved our chance of success.   He then generated real meetings that have since led to success.

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